Is WFH Cabin Fever Turning You into a Quarantine Queen?

Is WFH Cabin Fever Turning You into a Quarantine Queen?

I said that out loud? #SpillingTea

Slay the #RONA with Silver Screen Sirens & Female Villains as Your Disaster Relief Role Models

Before we put Drama Queens, Scream Queens and now Quarantine Queens on blast, we’ve got a question. Do any of you see WFH and think to yourself WTF…?? Asking for a friend. #DQ #SQ #QQ

We are in these unprecedented times together. Some of us more than others, are likely on the verge of resurrecting the multiple personalities that have been seeping through the sieve that is our public persona. With the claustrophobia-inducing pressures of WFH building with each passing day, the odds of an outburst increase exponentially! Like we can hide anything, when we wear our hearts on our sleeves and refuse to edit ourselves. You’ve all had a peek already, it’s only a matter of time until you see us screamers and schemers at full shriek.

Corona Say What…?!?

Here’s some reassurance we can offer those who can’t keep up: whatever anxiety may be expressed through our emotional outbursts us actually a potentially good thing! Besides, there’s something about damsels in distress, scream queens, femme fatales & female villainesses that keeps us (them) riveted!

Did you ever notice that a classic DQ subset: Hypochondriacs, Nervous Nelly’s and Worry Worts have amazing imaginations? No matter how intense their anxiety seems to be… no matter how many times you call them out for their ridiculous claims… they can turn on a dime with a new story to promote their suffering. That creativity believe it or not, can be used as a positive force!

No more toilet paper…?!?!?

Anxiety draws on leadership skills we naturally use in life

Scream Queens, like any great leader, have to be prepared for anything, especially for when disaster strikes – which happens often in #DQlife. We expect the worst to begin with, hence the screaming! Let’s just start there! We’re prepared to scream no matter what!

No human is entirely deprived of anxiety – even psychopaths & tyrants are capable of experiencing it. Cult indoctrination… hostage negotiation… divorce court alike call for creativity, improvisation & critical thinking. The same skills that qualify you as a passive aggressive hysteric could turn you into a master closer! Or the head of FEMA. Your call.

Apparently anxiety drives progress by enhancing certain behaviors that set us up for success

If we didn’t have to deal with stress or fear or anxiety, we wouldn’t develop the skills to evaluate risk & danger – Lord knows, these are essential abilities for fending off fashionista frenemy shoppers at the Goodwill denim sales!

Our capacity for survival is better off for letting our Scream Queen out to play

Whether we’re a damsel in distress or a villainess with a vengeance, drama is our element. Drama, especially climaxing in a victory, makes for a good story. Epic adventures by nature are high-stakes, just like life! A Drama Queen knows her life is on the line and wields her power potently.

Horror has been a champion of the kickass female who conquers or destroys all in the end!

Women On The Edge Keep You Coming Back For More

#Hitchcock is blushing…

As Scream Queens we can be called upon to live up to the name, wielding magic, eliciting even more from you, our terror-stricken audience… That’s because our vocal talents hijack your attention & emotionally string you along on a fright-filled, suspenseful, dramatic journey to destruction, redemption or conquest. We know we trigger you. That’s kind of our job.

The appeal of a strong female lead is hard to resist

We can captivate, seduce – maybe even entrap! Everyone loves movies with a strong female lead, but what about when we are also the villain of the story? We’re the kind of women wallflowers, goodie two shoes & social climbers love to hate! Moviegoers love to hate a great baddie; in the realm of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror – the best of the worst are female… The best of the best inspire our admiration, even empathy – an amazing feat for an anti-heroine!

The best drama queens get you to feel for us, as you succumb to our charms, as if against your will, falling prey to our killer instincts, under our spell, beguiled by our audacity. As Rudyard Kipling so neatly put it: “The female of the species is more deadly than the male”

We [DQs|SQs|QQs] have an arsenal of click-bait one-liners that stop you in your tracks & keep us in the hot seat. We just can’t help it. So when WFH stressors creep in to ambush our composure, remember – anxiety is like a secret admirer, ready to be recruited as a personal fluffer – freeing up our creativity to take charge with the gumption of a Drama Queen on her grind.

Besides, you know who gets the best role in movies? Villains. Scheming, always with a plan, villains get shit done. From beloved Disney movies to cult classic films, we’ve seen the most despicable female antagonists. 

And Your Little #RONA Too…!

There are the comic book bad girls… The bullies, seductresses and killers… The conflicted villainesses… Fashion forward femmes on the darker side are known for a few key elements: their killer style, a bold face & smart mouth. For creepy nights, we have our favorite scream queens, including some you might not expect. If you find yourself craving a walk on the wild side, turn it out with some of the greatest female villains of all time or in cinematic history. You don’t even have to care about history, you could be turned on by badass female villains in pop culture too.

We owe whatever it is that can chill us to the bone a big thanks – it’s leaving us intensely intuitive, honing our senses and finessing our stress-response… Drama Queen now, Lady Boss later. Dare you doubt why Hollywood’s hottest stars have long been lining up to play the most provocative, disruptive, captivating characters in the movies…?