About Us

About Us

We have a hunch. A theory! We think it’s possible to use *drama* with purpose & control. Our theory is that you can create a personal brand for yourself that will enable you to navigate your life deftly, with magnetism and grace.

Research shows that people would literally rather die than speak in public…! So ladies, plotz now, prepare for impact & say a prayer, because the show must go on – like life!

The Drama Queen Club is a place to experience growth on stage and in life as a performer, speaker & professional… A platform that offers the theatrical community and women of all kinds, performers and non-performers alike, the opportunity to collaborate; with content to support, educate and inspire effective communication in all its forms.

No experience is necessary. All that’s required is curiosity and courage. This is designed to be an experience that will playfully engage you mentally & emotionally – maybe even spiritually! If that’s too *woo-woo* for you, just do you, Boo.

Could you be a Drama Queen? Ask yourself if you can relate to any of these women:

  • You want to develop presence & charisma
  • You are often accused of seeking attention or stealing the spotlight
  • You are shamed for being too much, too loud, too YOU
  • You are told you’re too emotional, sensitive or overreactive
  • You stop short from being authentic or vulnerable out of fear of rejection
  • You struggle to be seen & heard or speak up for yourself
  • You want to take risks without risking your reputation
  • You want to access your feminine attributes deliberately
  • You want to trust your instincts & think fast on your feet
  • You want to successfully navigate group dynamics
  • You want to experience direct influence over your life’s direction
  • You want to access deeper conviction & experience greater freedom
  • You want to refine your personal *brand*
  • You aspire to inspire

When you’re ready to put an end to mentally rehashing emotionally charged scenarios that disrupt your equilibrium – or to finally put your mom’s voice in your head on mute – the Drama Queen club is here to provide a positive eclectic space for you to explore your potential, grow creatively and develop poise. You can count on provocative curated content shared through discussion, scene study, improvisation, innovative games, multi-media presentations & the occasional visiting industry professional.

If you want to be taken seriously, charm effortlessly, or persuade powerfully you’ll need to have the ability to be flexible and intuitive, to read people and the *room* you’re in, and to engage as the most effective version of you for whatever that moment needs.

Influences & inspiration for the Drama Queen experience include:

Classical Archetypes | “The Five Love Languages” | “Intimacy Without Responsibility” | “The Dark Side of the Light Chasers” | “The Womanly Art of Pleasure” | Attachment Theory | Assertiveness Training | Myers Briggs | Impression Management | Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) | Accelerated Learning Technology | Old Hollywood | Mad Libs | “Who’s Line Is It Anyway?” | pop culture

Want to be a bonafide Drama Queen? Join the club. 2020 is the year of “YOU 2.0”

Jess Hollen, Creative Director of The Drama Queen Club… Currently Coordinating Producer for two globally syndicated television series with CEO host Kathy Ireland: MODERN LIVING with KATHY IRELAND & WORLDWIDE BUSINESS with KATHY IRELAND; which air on the Women’s Entertainment Network (WeTV), the Fox Business Network (FBN) and Bloomberg Television. In 2016 served as Campaign Manager & producer for an independent theatrical presentation of “The Vagina Monologues” hosted by the Gratitude Trainings. Prior work includes 20+ years of nationwide experience as a Scenic Artist with screen credits in television & film production, professional theater, commercials, museum exhibits & theme parks, hospitality decor, interior design, various industry trade shows, and photo shoots; freelancing as a card-carrying member of IATSE Local 477 (MIA) & Local 829 USA Scenic Artists (NYC). Also a graduate of the Trainer Forum program delivered by Trainer Designs Global; designing original experiential workshops leveraging accelerated learning technology & art therapy techniques for greater personal effectiveness.

1st & 3rd TUESDAYS | Hosted by Gratitude Trainings | Pompano Citi Centre | Free Event 7-9pm BYOB | Copans & US1